About us



Hey there, fellow bird lover! Welcome to Alex's Bird Kingdom, where our love for our feathered friends knows no bounds.

At Alex's Bird Kingdom, we're absolutely thrilled to have fellow bird lovers like you join us on this exciting journey. Our deep passion for birds drives everything we do, and we're excited to share it with you.

I'm Alex, a Cuban immigrant with a lifelong love for pets, particularly birds. As a child, I cherished all animals, but over time, my connection with birds grew stronger. Birds are more than just pets to me; they're cherished members of my family. That's why their well-being is our top priority.

On this incredible journey, I was fortunate enough to meet my wife, Anai, who shares my passion for birds and is a devoted cockatiel fan herself!

Together, we envisioned creating a one-stop-shop for safe, fun, and essential bird supplies, leading to the establishment of Alex's Bird Kingdom.

Our story began with a heartfelt mission: to make a difference in the lives of both birds and their caring families. We noticed the challenges bird owners faced in finding top-quality toys and accessories that truly catered to the unique needs of our avian companions. This realization inspired us to create our handmade bird toys – Alex Bird Toys.

But our journey didn't stop there. We wanted to spread joy not only to individual bird families but also to the broader avian community. That's how the Bird Fun Box by Alex came into being. Inside each box, we've carefully curated an experience that goes beyond just toys. It's about creating moments of happiness, strengthening bonds between birds and their owners, and supporting the welfare of our feathered friends.

Nestled in sunny Miami, Florida, birds are our absolute passion here at Alex's Bird Kingdom. We pour our hearts into every product we offer because we believe in providing only the best for our feathered friends.

Our goal is simple: to bring happiness to both you and your bird.

We believe that bird care goes beyond the physical – it's about creating meaningful experiences, both for birds and the wonderful people who care for them.

We're not just a store; we're a community of bird lovers dedicated to making a difference. We pour our hearts into every product we offer, ensuring that each item reflects our deep love for these amazing creatures. 

So, whether you're a seasoned bird parent or just starting your avian journey, know that you're part of a family here at Alex's Bird Kingdom.

Thank you for being a part of our story and for letting us be a part of yours. Together, we're making the world a better place for our beloved birds, one chirp at a time.

If you ever have questions or concerns about bird care, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We adore talking about birds and are always here to lend a helping wing.

P.S. Don't forget to explore our awesome selection of bird toys and accessories! Your feathered friend will be delighted by the endless options we have in store, including our specially crafted Alex Bird Toys designed for their ultimate enjoyment.