Unwrapping the Magic: December Bird Fun Box Reveal!

Unwrapping the Magic: December Bird Fun Box Reveal!

Hey Bird Community!

December is here, and you know what that means – time for the grand reveal of our Christmas Wonderland-themed Bird Fun Box

This month's motivation is, "The magic of Christmas warms our hearts," and boy, are we bringing warmth and joy to your bird buddies. Picture this: festive reds, holly greens, and the cutest Santa's Toy Collection – all designed with bird-safe materials for a merry and safe playtime experience.

Bird Fun Box


Let's dive into the festive goodness that awaits in the December 2023 Box:

🌟 Parrot Toys: Santa's Toy Collection

Watch your feathered friends frolic with delight as they interact with our holiday-themed toys. Each toy is crafted with love, ensuring your parrot gets a taste of Christmas magic.

Bird Fun Box

🌟 Parrot Treat: Christine’s Chop Shop Healthy Bird Treats

Because what's Christmas without treats? Our December box features Christine's Chop Shop Healthy Bird Treats, providing a mix of yumminess and health for your cherished companions.

 Bird Fun Box

🌟 Bonding Activity: Santa's Avian Workshop

(Exclusive for our wonderful subscribers – creating unforgettable memories together!)

Enter the enchanting world of "Santa's Avian Workshop" by creating unique Christmas ornaments together with your parrot. Craft paper, scissors, and a dash of avian stardust – follow our guide for a merry bonding session!

🌟 Surprise Gift for the Owner: Parrot Christmas Ornaments

And because we believe in spreading joy to both birds and their humans, we've included a little something special for you – Parrot Christmas Ornaments! Sprinkle some avian stardust on your holiday decorations.

Bird Fun Box

And here's the icing on the Christmas cake:

🌟 Parrot Support: Birds of a Feather Parrot Rescue of New Mexico

Every box you purchase supports avian welfare, making a difference in the lives of our feathered friends in need. Join us in spreading love and care to the broader bird community!

Bird Fun Box


Ready to unwrap the magic of December with your feathered companions? 

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Happy holidays from Alex's Bird Kingdom!

Lots of Love



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