October's Bird Fun Box: Welcoming You to the Flock!

October's Bird Fun Box: Welcoming You to the Flock!

Hey Birdie Fans!

Let's chat about the heartwarming vibe of October's Bird Fun Box – our theme of the month is all about 'Welcome to the Flock.' You know, like that warm feeling you get when you're surrounded by friends and family, just like a flock of birds hanging out together.

Bird Fun Box by Alex

Now, picture this: your feathered buddy diving into a world of vibrant, handmade toys in these amazing shades of blue and green.

It's like bringing the sky and nature right into your living room!


Big Bird Fun Box

And here’s the cool part – our exclusive bonding activity, the 'Flock Welcome Nest.' Imagine your birdie nestled in a cozy corner filled with soft straw, twigs, and coconut fibers.

What's hidden inside? Only the tastiest treats and seeds, ready to create moments that'll make your heart sing.

This isn’t just an activity; it’s like crafting warm, fuzzy memories with your fine-feathered friend.

And guess what? This magical experience is just for our awesome subscribers. Yep, you're in for an exclusive treat that’ll make your bond even stronger!

Bonding with your Bird


But hang on, there’s more fun on the way! We've sneaked in a surprise gift, just for you.

Because, let’s be honest, being a bird owner is a journey filled with love, and every journey deserves a sprinkle of surprise and appreciation, don’t you think? 🎁

surprise gift bag for the Bird Fun Box by Alex


Now, let’s add the cherry on top – every Bird Fun Box isn’t just a treat for your pet; it's a step towards something bigger. For every box sold, we're donating $1 to rescue awareness programs

This October, our community efforts are dedicated to supporting the Palm Beach Parrot Rescue. By pampering your feathered friend, you're also becoming part of a meaningful change in the avian world. Now, how awesome is that? 🙌

Bird Fun Box help parrot Rescues


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Lots of Love,


Owner, Alex's Bird Kingdom

Bringing happiness to you and your Birds!

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