November Bird Fun Unboxing: Let’s Get Cozy with Thankful Feathers!

November Bird Fun Unboxing: Let’s Get Cozy with Thankful Feathers!

Hey every birdie!

Guess what? November is here, and it’s time to snuggle up with our feathered buddies and spread some cozy, thankful vibes! 🍂✨

 Our Bird Fun Box by Alex has just landed, and it’s filled to the brim with gratitude and joy.


Bird Fun Box

Gratitude Is Our Vibe! 🧡

You know what they say, pals: gratitude makes the world go 'round! This month, we're all about embracing the warm, fuzzy feeling of being thankful.

With our earthy tones, warm oranges, and yellows, the November Bird Fun Box is like a big, cozy hug for you and your feathered friend.


Let’s Bond Over a Feathered Friends' Thanksgiving Feast! 🦜🍁

Picture this: you and your parrot, snuggled up, sharing a delightful Thanksgiving feast. Yep, that’s what our bonding activity is all about this month!

Strengthen your bond as you both enjoy the season's delights. I

t’s not just a meal; it’s a memory-making moment! I can't say no more, it’s just for subscribers.

Meet Our Featured Parrot Rescue: Northeast Tennessee Avian Rescue and Rehabilitation

Bird Fun Box

We’ve got something extra special this month! Our featured parrot rescue is the amazing Northeast Tennessee Avian Rescue and Rehabilitation.

They're doing incredible work, and we're sending them a whole lot of love and support. 

For You, the Parrot Parent: Cozy Autumn Vibes! 🍁

November Bird Fun Box

And because you deserve a little something too, we've included a pillow cover in your box.

Imagine snuggling up with your parrot, surrounded by cozy autumn parrot-themed, inspired by Thanksgiving. 

It's our way of saying, "You're awesome, and you deserve all the comfort in the world!"

Parrot Toys: Harvest Foraging Fun! 🌽


Middle Bird Fun Box


Last but not least, let’s talk toys! Your parrot’s foraging instincts are about to go wild with this harvest-themed delight. Watch them explore, play, and discover treats—it’s a parrot paradise in toys!

So, there you have it, folks! November's Bird Fun Box is all about snuggles, gratitude, and making precious memories with our feathered companions.

Let's unbox, unwind, and spread those thankful feathers wide. 💕

Ready to embark on a feathered adventure?

Join our flock and experience the magic of bonding, gratitude, and surprise with your birdie bestie. 

Don’t miss a thing—because every chirp matters, and every moment with your feathered friend is priceless.

Subscribe to our Bird Fun Box now and let the fun take flight right to your doorstep every month. Click here.

Chirp soon,

Your Friends at Alex's Bird Kingdom 🌟

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