How to Introduce New Toys to Your Birds

How to Introduce New Toys to Your Birds

Are you a proud bird owner who loves spoiling your birds with new toys? Introducing new toys to your bird's environment is a fantastic way to provide mental stimulation and keep them entertained. 

However, every bird is unique and may require a gentle and patient approach when it comes to accepting new additions to their playground. 

Let’s explore some tips on how to introduce new toys to your birdies!

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Understand Your Bird's Preferences:

Before introducing new toys, take the time to understand your bird's preferences. 

Observe the type of toys they are naturally drawn to, such as foraging toys, chewing toys or swings. 

This knowledge will help you choose toys that align with their interests, increasing the chances of a successful introduction.

Gradual Introduction:

Birds can be cautious about changes in their environment. To ease their transition, introduce new toys gradually. 

Start by placing the toy near their cage, allowing them to observe it from a safe distance. 

Over time, move the toy closer until it becomes a familiar and accepted part of their surroundings.

Try Toys with Different Textures:


Birds love to explore and play with toys that offer a variety of textures, just like they would encounter in the wild.

Consider toys with rough surfaces, smooth edges, or interesting shapes to mimic the natural elements they would find in their environment.

Interactive Playtime:

Engaging in playtime with your bird is a great way to introduce new toys. Show excitement and interact with the toy in front of your bird. 

Let them observe how you enjoy playing with it, which can pique their curiosity and encourage them to explore the toy themselves. 

Birds are social creatures, and your active involvement will make the experience more enjoyable for them.

Positive Reinforcement:

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Reward your bird with treats and praise when they show interest or interact with the new toy. 

Positive reinforcement strengthens the bond between you and your feathered friend and reinforces their positive association with the toy. Remember to be patient, as it may take time for them to fully embrace the new addition.

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Now that you have tips on introducing new toys to your birds, it's time to take action! Try our Bird Fun Box!


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