February 2024 Box Reveal- My Valentine Gift to Your Birdie

February 2024 Box Reveal- My Valentine Gift to Your Birdie

 Unboxing February's Feathered Love Bird Fun Box by Alex!

Hey there, bird lovers! Get ready to spread the love with February's Bird Fun Box by Alex.

This month's theme of "Feathered Love" sets the stage for a celebration of the special bond between birds and their humans. It's all about love, feathers, and fun!

 "Love is in the air, and feathers too!" This sweet saying perfectly captures the loving spirit of the month.

Let's jump into the box and see what delightful surprises await us:

Bird Fun Box

Parrot Toys: Inside, you'll find the Valentine Collection of toys, specially designed with bird-safe materials. These toys are not only fun but also great for your feathered friend's mental and physical well-being.

Parrot Treat: Treat your birdie buddy to something special from Christine’s Chop Shop Sweet Treats. It's a yummy surprise they're sure to love!

Bonding Activity: Join in the Parrot Valentine's Day Card Exchange for a heartwarming way to connect with other bird lovers. Share handmade cards and spread the love in the parrot community.

Featured Parrot Rescue: 

This month, we're shining a spotlight on A Helping Wing Parrot Rescue in New Jersey. Let's show them some love and support for the incredible work they do. To learn more click here.

Bird Fun Box

Surprise Gift for the Owner: As a special treat for you, the box includes a "Never Forget The Difference You Make" Heart Plaque Sign and Valentine's Day Straw Toppers Charms. 

It's our way of saying thank you for your love and care for your feathered companion.

Ready to join the fun and never miss out on exciting surprises for your birdies? Subscribe here!

Your feathered friends will thank you for it! 💌

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